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The big day of our opening is approaching, and as more than 300 players have already seen our ideas and structure in our beta, it will be much easier to explain everything in this letter to players.

I will be explaining the dynamics and content of the game in a quick way that everyone can understand in a few lines, how everything will work.

We want all our players to quickly learn about the benefits of Season 19 part 3 in full, and with that the experience and noise are abundant, giving the impression of being a quick game but let's take it easy, Ultra is here to stay and we know the importance of longevity.

Creating new accounts

When creating your character, you will receive 3 days of VIP and several items to get your character started on the right foot.

Rest assured that the PvM balance has been done and you will be able to face the monsters easily with the starter kit.

Hunt Point

We will have a Beta Test of the new huntpoints system, where when you create a character, you can start farming and stealing points from other players on the Hunting server.

The hunting system will begin to take effect 30 days after the launch of the server, where it will be reset and applied to all ultra servers.

Ice Wind

And this is where the guilds cry and the leaders don't see it lol.

This event, which consists of dominating the castle of Devias 3, will take place once a day and will have several benefits, such as miracle coin drops and access to the Debenter map, where you will have high experience and exclusive drops.


We want you to feel like leveling up while earning your items in raids and bosses, of which, by the way, we have a lot.

There are some ways to level up more easily, such as accessories from the Wcoin or Goblins ingame store, VIP server with high experience and creating complete parties.

Moss Merchant

Earn your primary items and add many accessories to your character using the moss merchant.

There you can win items even endgame with few resources. Collect your jewels and meet this NPC.


The most coveted currency in high seasons is now easily earned in part of all pvm and pvp actions within Ultra.

Join Ruud and buy his new Lightning armor, Apocalypse weapons, level 5 Wing, mounts and new earrings.


Nossos streamers ou criadores de conteudo em modo geral, estarão destacados dentro do jogo, com uma tag em seu personagens.

Falar com criadores de conteudo pode lhe proporcionar premios e brindes instantaneamente. ( Premios entregues pelo criador de conteudo ).


Acessando o canal vip, voce terá diversas vantagens como maior experiencia, maior drop de itens e uma taxa elevada na chaos machine.

Vip tambem lhe da direito a um farming elevado no huntpoints, deixando seu personagem mais forte um pouco antes dos jogadores free to play.

Our server will be launched on 02/15/2024 at 20:00 GMT -3.

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